Borametz - half plant, half animal - hybrid of the incurably vegetable lamb, which as a four-legged plant is firmly attached to the ground and complains about nature - what does it want to tell us, outside in the drizzle, inconsolable and outraged, when it speaks one last time?
Runtime: 06:00 mins | Ratio: 16:9 | Shooting Format: 16mm Colour | Year: 2020

Cast & Voice: Mirjam Joya Strübel

Poem:Sebastian Unger
Translation: Ann Cotten

Director: Yannick Mosimann
Screenplay: Yannick Mosimann & David Nydegger
Camera: Yannick Mosimann
Assistance: Joel Baumann & Matthias Nydegger
Music: David Nydegger
Mix: Thomas Schmidinger