Various Films and Experiments

Scenes from an Island

By Yannick Mosimann
Runtime: 02:13 mins
Ratio: 2.66:1
Shooting Format: 35mm Colour - Lomokino
Year: 2022

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It lays on us

It reveals something from the black.
A body floats in the void.
A body that never appears complete Instead,
we feel the darkness,
witness how it reassembles him.
There is a movement,
a tearing away,
a surrender.

Performance: Hannah Drill
Cinematography & Editing: Yannick Mosimann
Music: Félix Bettems

Runtime: 10:29 mins
Ratio: 16:9
Shooting Format: Digital
Year: 2020

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Recreational Forest

An audiovisual documentation about an urban recreation area. Slowly the view moves through the forest. Except for some small hints, the visual level creates the feeling of moving in the middle of nature. The difference between sound and image becomes more and more noticeable. The sequences thus comment on the gap between the human idea of nature and the actual, artificial appearance of the forest.

Shown at Gastwoche der Hochschule der Künste Bern at the GEDOK Karlsruhe Künstlerinnenforum.

Runtime: 08:56 mins
Ratio: 16:9
Shooting Format: Digital
Year: 2020

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