I have not been afraid of going blind for a long time

by Yannick Mosimann
Runtime: 134 mins
Ratio: 4:3 / 16:9
Shooting Format: 16mm & HD Colour
Year: 2021

"A flock of starlings swooshed over me today. In my mind I repeat the sound over and over again, while I watch the film footage"

The filmmaker captures his environment with the camera, fearing he might be losing it more and more. Strict rules about using the entire clip length and its original audio track inform the editing process. The tableaus and their insistence in duration create a pull into an increasingly isolated state of perceiving the outside world in its unspectacular yet strangely unfamiliar intensity.

A plunge into darkness by Nadin Mai ( The arts of slow cinema)


Yannick Mosimann, born 1989 in Bern, Switzerland, is a filmmaker, sound-artist and photographer.

His body of work comprises several films and video Installations, as well as collaborative works as a filmmaker and musician with a diverse spread of artists.

Yannick Mosimanns work focuses on intuitive processes, sensorial experiences and the re-imagination of narratives. It deals with themes like the anthropocene, nature and human perception.

Yannick lives and works in Bern.