I have not been afraid of going blind for a long time  

by Yannick Mosimann
Runtime: 134 mins
Ratio: 4:3 / 16:9
Shooting Format: 16mm & HD Colour
Year: 2022

"A flock of starlings swooshed over me today. In my mind I repeat the sound over and over again, while I watch the film footage"

The filmmaker captures his environment with the camera, fearing he might be losing it more and more. Strict rules about using the entire clip length and its original audio track inform the editing process. The tableaus and their insistence in duration create a pull into an increasingly isolated state of perceiving the outside world in its unspectacular yet strangely unfamiliar intensity. 

“A gradual loss of sight sharpens the senses and sows confusion, as the experimental memoir by the Swiss visual artist Yannick Mosimann oscillates somewhere between the joy of discovering the deeper layers of vision and the fear of where this exploration might eventually lead. This is the risk of transgression. Anxiety is growing. The world seen through weakening eyes gains in intensity, but is also populated by demons slipping in unnoticed. The director-exorcist uncompromisingly builds his new identity and its visual representation. The contrast, waves of color, a dark shadow and blinding glare, a persistent black spot in the center. I am not afraid, I am not afraid, I am not afraid! Helplessness in the face of beauty that is born and disappears in an instant. With vivid images and a spectacular soundtrack, Mosimann tells us about a visual prostheses that, on the one hand, bring us closer to reality and, on the other, pushes it away.”

Agnieszka Szeffel for 22nd New Horizons Film Festival

Screenings & Exhibitions
2023 Suburbinale, Vienna, AT
2023 61th Ann Arbor Film Festival, USA
2022 XVIII Festival Transterritorial de Cine Underground, San Fernando, Argentina
2022 San Diego Underground Film Festival VIII, USA
2022 Scanorama Eurpean Film Forum, Vilnius, Lithuania
2022 8th Bogota Experimental Film Festival, Bogota, Colombia
2022 22nd New Horizons Film Festival, Wroclaw, Poland
2022 6th Festival ECRA, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

2022 most controversial Film at New Horizons, Wroclaw, Poland

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