Notes of Forms

by Yannick Mosimann & Rea Dubach
Runtime: 45:00 mins
Ratio: 16:9
Shooting Format: 16mm Colour & HD Colour 
Year: 2021

How can the complex narrative of experience be understood as a coherent whole through the collection of states and thoughts?

Since 2016, YR has dedicated itself to the ongoing exchange of its creative processes and focuses on the conscious abolition of any type of judgement. YR uses real life experiences and observations as its basic materials – what emerges is a growing collection of inner and outer realities by way of image, sound and text.

The artists see themselves as storytellers who observe and question, document and recycle. This continuum can be understood as a sketchbook without a fixed vision.

«notes of forms I» is the first audio-visual collection (journal movie) outside their ongoing blog work, in which YR exclusively uses materials from its artistic processes between January and March 2021