Our Ears have been in excellent condition

by Yannick Mosimann
Runtime: 45:00 mins
Ratio: 16:9
Shooting Format: HD Colour
Year: 2018

Featuring Merz : Vocals, Electric Guitar, Cassette
Shahzad Ismaily : Moog, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar
Julian Sartorius : Drums

"Our Ears Are In Excellent Condition" is a live concert film with a focus on the experience of listening.

In the history of concert films, there have only been a handful that were not intended to simply bring the feeling of a band’s live performance into your living room. Well-known examples of this are «Live at Pompeii» by Pink Floyd, «Stop Making Sense» by Talking Heads or «Home of the Brave» by Laurie Anderson. In all modesty, «Our Ears» is also in this category. At the time, Yannick announced that he would be filming two living-room live concerts by the top-class trio Merz, Shahzad Ismaily and Julian Sartorius; the audiences at these concerts in Bern had to agree to the fact that they might be recognisable in the film’s final edit. But what Yannick deliberately failed to mention was that this film project was not so much about capturing the band’s live performance, but rather about filming the audience – intimately, directly and close up.

The magnificently edited, atmospheric film lay in a drawer for three years. So, what better time than now to project it onto a big screen. We have all been denied the chance to be part of a concert audience for roughly three months. And even now after the lockdown, who wants to squeeze shoulder to shoulder into a small space to listen to a live band? Seen from this angle, «Our Ears» portrays a normal situation in what is a very unusual period in our lives when we are unable to experience a normal situation. But the film goes a step further and focuses on the opposite of the common experience, showing the isolation and introversion of an individual in an audience situation. The seclusion of the film-in-your-own-head unaware of your immediate surroundings.

– Roger Ziegler on Our Ears Are In Excellent Condition | World premiere